Spiritual Healing with Reiki 1 & 2 Tips and Techniques from Reiki Master Healer

I am a spiritual healer, teacher, artist, author and visionary living in St Petersburg, FL in the United States. I have been on the spiritual path for around 20 years and have been healing with Reiki and other holistic healing modalities for over ten years. I have created four energy healing modalities and have trained holistic healers in over fifteen countries. The purpose of this article really is to share some insights I have around spiritual healing with Reiki. This list of spiritual healing with Reiki tips are really the things I wish I had known about ten years ago when I began my healing career.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 1 Technique 1: Set and Maintain Strong, Healthy Energetic Boundaries

The one thing most spiritual healers, light workers, starseeds and people who heal with Reiki have in common is that they are empaths. Empaths tend to take on less-than-love stuff from others and the planet and we often are not too discerning about what is our stuff versus stuff that belongs to another. Before you begin working with clients as a spiritual healer, it is very important to create and maintain strong, healthy energetic boundaries between you and your clients, family and friends. If you don't have good energetic boundaries you will take on the energetic weaknesses and imbalances of your clients and this does not help either them or you. Hands on Reiki Masters and massage therapists have to be especially impeccable since when we touch a person it is much easier energetically to take on their stuff.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 2 Technique 2: Become Very Discerning About How You are Influenced Energetically by People, Events and Activities

There are just three ways we can be impacted energetically: Positively (personal energy level rises/heart opens up); Negatively (personal energy level plummets/heart shuts down) and Neutrally (personal energy level stays the same/heart stays the same). Reiki Masters and spiritual healers need to be very discerning as to how they are feeling throughout the day so if their energy drops, they can work on clearing themselves as soon as possible.

Healing with Reiki 1 & Spiritual Healing Techniques 3: Monitor and Keep the Energy of Your Home and Healing Spaces as Clear as Possible

When I first began out helping people with energy healing, I could not work from my apartment - I had to go outdoors. When I meditated as to why I could not work from home, I got that my apartment had a lot of flaky energy in it that I needed to clear out before I could safely work on others. I felt so much better after I cleared the energy of my home and then I was able to work with clients from there as well.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 2 Technique 4: You Can't Help Everyone

When I began my holistic healing practice, I was very excited and thought I could heal everyone. What I have found over the years that each individual is unique energetically and some will resonate with what you have to offer and some will not. Really all healing that occurs comes from Spirit and the soul of your client. I also feel that just like we each have learning styles so we each have healing styles. So I try to format my healing work in a wide variety of formats to help as many folks as I can and then I refer clients to a handful of healers when I feel that I can no longer serve them. And some clients are so draining to work with that I release them with love to the Universe.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 1 Tip 5: Preparing Yourself for a Holistic Healing Session

When I began out working with clients I could only do two or three healing sessions a day because I would get so discombobulated from working with them that I would have to clear myself. Due to the mirror principle the people we attract into our healing practices tend to be folks we either have karma with or who have similar core soul issues and holistic health challenges that we have. What this means is often when we work with others, our own issues come up to be healed as well. So before an energy healing session, I pray and ask the Creator to heal and clear me and my home, to heal and ameliorate all karma between me and the client and also to heal as many of my own issues that will come up during the session before I actually do it. This makes a huge difference and I can work with a lot of clients each day now.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 2 Tip 6: Opening and Setting Your Intent the Healing Session

I like to begin each reiki healing session with a prayer and a statement of intent. My standard statement of intent looks something like this: "I am setting the intent that I be of service to assist _________. I am setting the intent that everything that occurs in this healing session will be aligned with the highest good of all and support the spiritual evolution of ___________ 100% with ease and grace and divine ideal integration. I am setting the intent that ALL energies exchanged between me and __________ will be love and only love." I then ask the client if they have any intent that they would like to set.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 1 Tip 7: During the Healing Session

As soon as the intent is set for the reiki healing session, I ask for permission to clear the energy of the client's home and to ask the Creator to heal and ameliorate as much karma with them as possible and that includes all karma with me. A lot of times people receive a lot of healing but the energy from their homes is so bad that it goes out the windows. One of the reasons why I work so much in the area of Feng Shui. I feel that the Golden Rule applies to healers too in that I treat clients like I prefer to be treated myself. I also stop periodically throughout the session to transmit energies to  help clients to receive the next layer and level of healing with ease and grace for things we have worked on and at the same time I ask to clear myself of anything that got triggered from the session. It is very important to stay emotionally connected from the heart with the client and to speak your truth with great love. A lot of times people really do not know what they are there for and often the most important work in a session comes out in the last few minutes.

Spiritual Healing with Reiki 2 Tip 8: After a Holistic Healing Session

After a spiritual healing session, I thank the client and Spirit. I then do either an Reiki Energy Break where I rub my hands together or run water through them. I ask Spirit to clear, heal, release and sanctify with love any less-than-love energies I may have taken on from the client. I also ask Spirit to dissolve any cords, hooks or giving away of power from the client to me after a session. A lot of times clients feel very vulnerable and insecure and triggered about the areas we work on and a lot of times on the subconscious level they sometimes try to give away their power to me. So I work on clearing this when the session ends. I really don't need other people's energy to thrive and prosper.

Reiki 1 and Spiritual Healing Techniques 9: Honor the Free Will Choices of Others

Nothing agitates me more than when well meaning individuals send me energy without my permission. Prayers are fine but sending energy without permission is not kewl. A lot of times, clients want me to work on significant other people in their life but I don't do anything without the permission of the other person.

Much self love, joy, healing and abundance to each of you,