How To Improve the Sweetness of Your Semen

raspberries-796484_640Oral sex is very vital in most peoples’ sex lives especially women since it brings a heeling and also a relaxing feeling. The taste of semen plays a significant role in oral sex. Its standard taste is considered to be slightly salty and warm. Several people may also describe it as tasteless while others explain it as a little sweeter. Some men’s semen may be extremely salty and in some cases it may be even bitter.

Semen is an affluence of several nutrients such as; sodium, protein, fructose, vitamins, and different other nutrients and trace minerals. It’s difficult to explain why this taste varies with different men. However, different intakes to the body are believed to affect it differently.

Here are some the things that you can try out to see whether they can affect your semen positively;

1. Improve your health
It is very likely that a healthy body will produce better-tasting semen than a sick one. It is, therefore, advisable that you undergo a thorough check up physically and also to get medication for any diagnosed or even undiagnosed disease.

Particular medication may also cause your semen to taste a little more bitter. It is, however, a terrible idea to compromise your health for the sake of your semen’s taste, but you can definitely incorporate particular foods that may reduce the bitterness.

Since the effects of these foods have not been studied yet, just experiment with various foods and analyze the results intently.

2. Foods that improve the taste of semen
As mentioned above, there is nothing that can be said with absolute certainty that certain foods will make your semen have a better taste. Some people have, however, conducted their tests and come up with a list of foods than can help you in this regard. One of the most recommended one is cinnamon. You should, therefore, incorporate it into your standard diet. Another one is pineapple juice, which is not only believed to improve your semen’s taste, but also its smell.

Other foods in this list are; Lemon, wheat grass, peppermint, and parsley. You should also include; kiwis, plums, cranberries, and blueberries in your diet so as to avoid a sweeter than usual taste in your semen.

3. Avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol, cigarettes, and other illegal drugs
These drugs affect your overall health negatively and thus, changing the taste of your semen altogether. They are known to increase its bitterness. It is, therefore, paramount to quit using these drugs.

4. Increase your water intake
Seminal fluid has a very high percentage of water, so if you do not drink enough water, you will possibly produce a little amount of semen during ejaculation. Also, it will not taste good. It is, therefore, advisable that you drink an average of 8-1o glasses of water on a daily basis. Despite getting rid of the toxins in your body and thus making your semen taste better, enough water also increases the volume of semen produced during ejaculation.

5. Reduce caffeine intake
Caffeine makes your semen taste bitter. Make sure you avoid it, at least before your next ejaculation.

If you follow precisely the above stipulated tips, your semen taste will improve massively making oral sex more enjoyable to your wife/girlfriend.

Benefits of Oral Sex for Women

beautiful-1274064_640It may sound a little strange at first but believe it or not oral sex has a lot of benefits for women. Many women do not usually like the idea of oral sex but after reading this, I am sure that you will never hesitate to give your man that special get he is dying to receive. Okay now think for a minute, what is possibly sweeter than pleasuring your man but at the same time tremendously benefiting from it. Sperm contains various chemicals that have the following beneficial health effects on women.

  • Stress reliever

Research has shown that women exposed to semen are less likely to get depressed as compared to those who have protected sex. The reason for this is chemical substances contained in semen such as cortisol, oxytocin, and estrogen which are known to be perfect anti-depressants.

  • Reduces the effects of morning sickness

Morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy are some of the most uncomfortable effects of pregnancy. Women are forced to deal with during the nine months pregnancy period, however, why do you have to cope with it when semen from your man can alleviate these effects. Chemical substances contained in semen help in eradicating hormonal imbalance which is the cause of morning sickness.

  • Anti-aging agent

Is that glow of beauty on your face starting to fade away and you are probably sick and tired of using anti-aging products? Then the solution to you problem is simple, pleasure your man regularly with oral sex and receive his manly and take it. Semen contains a chemical substance known as spermidine which reduces the cell’s’ rate of aging. If you do this for some time, you will start noticing the difference.

  • For a healthy pregnancy

During the pregnancy period the desire to indulge in sex increases, however, there are a lot of setbacks that can result from having sex. Therefore, oral sex is the perfect solution to keep you and your man pleasured thought the pregnancy period.

  • Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer

Breast cancer in women over the age of 40 is on the rise but did you know that oral sex at least twice a week can go a long way to protecting you from it. Semen contains chemical substances which suppress the growth of breast cancer.

  • Improve memory

If you are currently a student your know just how valuable memory is in passing exams. But did you know that semen contains vital nutrients that are needed by the brain to enable your mind work at a healthy pace and improve memory?

  • Semen is Pain Reliever

Semen contains endorphins and oxytocin which are known to be effective pain relievers. So next time you feel an ache and planning to take a pain killer try the give your man a treat of oral sex, and you will witness the pain fade away.

  • Control blood pressure

Oral sex plays a vital role in controlling blood pressure. It is also known to play a role in reducing the chances of developing Preeclampsia, a blood pressure problem common in pregnant women.

  • Alleviates insomnia

Insomnia is becoming a huge problem for many adults around the world. Stressful working environments, hard economic times, family problems are among just a few things making people insomniacs. If you are suffering from the same problem then instead of taking sleeping pills oral sex can be the answer to your problem. Semen contains a chemical substance, melatonin which is a great sleep inducer.

Advantages of Having a Big and Thick Penis in a Relationship

banana-1238713_640There are various advantages of having a big and thick penis in a relationship, while having sex with a lady, she will feel more delight on the grounds that the thickness animates all the nerve endings found at the passage of the vagina, making the demonstration something truly fulfilling for both, particularly for her.

A thick penis has another point of preference: it creates more grating amid entrance than a slight penis, bringing about more delight to the lady, which is animated just by grinding amid intercourse.

During sex, a thick penis fills the vagina better and with the developments of entrance, more zones are empowered, for example, the clitoris, labia or perineum. So these are a percentage of the reasons why a thick penis is very charming for ladies.

Big penis is exceedingly pleasurable amid sex, in any case it is essential that the vagina is very much greased up so that the entrance is much smoother and more agreeable. In instances of thick penises, it is a smart thought to utilize grease so that both benefit as much as possible from an extremely pleasurable sexual experience.

Regarding real sexual delight, there is little motivation to trust that a bigger penis gives an extraordinary favorable position. Variables, for example, length of intercourse and erectile capacity assume a much bigger part in female joy than penis size. The restricted proof for a relationship between penis size and female delight amid sex originates from investigations of vaginal climax. Two overviews found that ladies who favor more profound vaginal incitement obviously favored longer penises. Vaginal climaxes in ladies have a tendency to be entirely uncommon, however, with the dominant part of ladies climaxing clitorally. To this end, these same studies observed that penis size was disconnected to clitoral climax recurrence. Moreover, broad clitoral tissue exists underneath the skin on either side of the vagina whose capacity is inadequately seen, however in any case might add to encounters of vaginal climax. If so, it’s improbable penis size assumes a part in inspiring joy past mental elements such as desire and suspicion.

A big penis has a lot of preferences and advantages and no drawback. We are talking expanded certainty, more noteworthy stamina in bed, and significantly more delight for your accomplice and yourself. Penis augmentation truly is conceivable and unmistakable. There are a large number of clinically demonstrated cases and medicinally supported non-surgical techniques with genuine results. Consider it along these lines, what is the principal thing you do with an inflatable before you explode it? You extend it and this makes the elastic more supple and permits the inflatable to hold more air. Obviously the penis is altogether different from an inflatable, however the fundamental standards are the same. On the off chance that you can practice and extend your penis to hold more blood, then it will get to be bigger in size, straightforward as that.

It evident that there are various advantages of having a big and thick penis in a relationship as it will keep you and your partner satisfied and reduce chances cheating case in your relationship as big dick will make her satisfied always and want to have more of you.

Fifteen Questions to Ask a Girl and Make Her Horny

portrait-1097920_640Would you like to seduce a girl with words? Just employ these questions to ask a girl and make her wet.

Girls often play hard to get almost every time. However, it is a good thing or would not think she is worth the effort. Nevertheless, sometimes it is easier to turn a girl on and make her wet than to date her as she would instinctively know you are hitting on her. Seducing a girl is rather easy if you can discreetly warm her up to your dally touches. You have to know how to be discreet to make her turn on or fall for you in just a few conversations.

Dirty questions to ask a girl and make her horny

Employ these queries, and if you lure the girl the right way, you could get the pants off her and make out with her before even getting to the last question. You can ask these issues when she is right beside you or via text message. However, it is safer, easier, and a perfect manner to turn on the girl from a distance.

The right dirty questions to ask a girl include:

Are you alone? Such a question is good to understand if she is idle and all alone in the room or at home. Obviously, you cannot romance or talk about sex if her room- mates or friends are around her she will feel quite uneasy. In case, she responds with an affirmative say something like I wish I were with you at the moment.

Are you quite busy right now? Just take it slow and play the nice way. This will make be sure that is she is on her own and bored enough to give you her full attention.

Do you like cuddling when lying in bed? This will warm up to a romantic conversation and opens her up by talking about cuddling with someone else.

What do you put on when going to bed or what are you wearing right now? This is a curious and perfect question to ask a girl especially when she is already in bed. Though it is personal, it is not yet too sexual. Add something like Wow; I can only picture how awesome you look right now when she describes herself.

What attire makes you look the sexiest? This will get her into talking about her sexy clothing. It is a flattering and sexual.

Have you ever observed another person make out on purpose or accidentally? This query serves to get the two of you in the mood.

Have you ever been discreetly groped or touched by a guy in a crowded place or a club? Girls would have something about sexual groping even if it were accidentally they do not forget about it. You can then add something like I wish I were the guy after she talks about it.

Have you ever made out with a guy simply because you were wet? Just find out if she is the type of a girl who can be lured into having sex in the heat at the moment.

Do you prefer briefs or boxers?

Does a massage make you horny?

Which part of your body will a guy touch to make you horny?

What is your secret move to turn on a guy?

Do you like getting an oral or giving one?

What should a guy do to make you horny?

If a guy wants to come over to your apartment and make out with you at the moment, would you like it?

Just directly employ these dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet. If you are lucky and charming enough, you could get her to bed.

Why You Should Get Rid of Cellulite

face-1146038_640While cellulite sounds like an intimidating medical condition, in reality it is a simple layer of the body. Cellulite is the layer of fat beneath the skin, usually seen as the dimpled appearance of the body on their hips, thighs and glutes. This layer of fat pushes against the connective tissue causing the skin to get bumpy and crease. Over time, these creases distort the tissue and causes long term changes in the appearance of the skin. A variety of factors can influence the degree of this, including your genetics, age range, gender and skin.

Usually, cellulite is more likely to appear in women than men, this is caused by the way fat is distributed across the genders skin. This fat distribution frustrates women globally, as women look for an easy and effective way to deal with cellulite. While not inherently bad for you, many people are not pleased with the way it looks and want to change it. Many people don’t want to see cellulite when they put on a bathing suit or summer clothes, they want to be confident and have fun.

There are many factors that can increase cellulite over long periods of time, working on improving any one of this will allow you to progress to a cellulite free life. These include:

– Negative diet habits
– Slower than average metabolism
– Cleanses, and starvation diets
– Lack of physical activity
– Lack of water
– Body fat level

Working on improving these conditions can help tremendously with the appearance of cellulite. While any of these cannot eliminate the layer of fat completely, living a positive, active and healthy lifestyle will help to lower weight and reduce the conditions effects.

In addition to these healthy habits, there are also medical treatments that can be performed to improve, as well as almost entirely eliminate the appearance of cellulite. By working with a doctor you can seek the solution that’s correct for you. Some options include:

Laser therapy: Laser treatment uses multiple short treatments of light laser massage to achieve noticeable results. This process requires many treatments to maintain over a long period of time.
Cellulite cream: These products are usually applied to the surface of skin where cellulite is affected most. Applying consistently across multiple days can reduce the appearance of cellulite and help strengthen and flatten out the warped tissue.
Liposuction: This cosmetic treatment is used to remove fat from certain areas from the body by breaking it up into smaller pieces and removing with suction. This process breaks the fat beneath the skin, usually softening out the skin in the process.

While cellulite does not cause physical pain, the emotional damage it can cause should be taken seriously. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about putting on your favorite clothes because of cellulite, and by taking the steps above, you can work to reduce its effects and move on to living your life to the fullest.

Your Body Deserves a Natural Healing Process

harmony-1229892_640Spiritual healing has been much more prevalent in the old times compared to the current generation we are living in. It has helped countless people regain their physical health and boost their mental energy not to mention revitalize their lives. Despite the skepticism of many, various spiritual healings have been administered to people and have proven to work almost twice as much better as the usual medical curation processes.

The spiritual healers believe that all the distress and lack of comfort in our lives begins with the spirit. If the spirit is not at ease, the mind and the body are also not at ease, which cumulatively brings all kinds of dis-eases that we suffer everyday, be it a slight headache, back pain, depression, hot fury and such. All these can only be brought to a complete rest when the mind-body-spirit is in harmony. Then when this happens, spiritual healing of the body is achieved.

Basically, there are 3 types of spiritual healings of the body:

1. Contact Healing
This is the kind of spiritual healing that involves the purification of someone’s aura (this is the spiritual force in space that surrounds any living creature) and then directing all that spiritual energy into some of the person’s greatest chakras (these are any of the spiritual energies in the body or more than seven of them according to the Ayurveda Philosophy) and the major areas where the discomfort arises from, through contacting the person physically or visualization. This method has been crowned as the king technique of all spiritual healings. And it can be learnt in a single day as it only needs a close and careful study of either “The Magic of Healing” or “You too can heal”. It takes only about 30 minutes to get done with the treatment.

2. Self Healing
This a technique that allows one to heal himself. It is very easy to learn once you are determined and it takes more of its principles from the contact healing technique. It involves the purification and sending of the spiritual energy to the areas that have problems through touching of one self’s areas of discomfort physically or through visualization.

3. Absent Healing
This is a technique that involves the sending of spiritual energy to someone who has a dis-ease and is far away from the person who is sending the spiritual energy. This sending of energy that is spiritual is done through prayers for the person according the pattern of the karma and chanting of the mantra. It asks for great faith and belief as it needs someone to visualize the person who is in distress as being well and as having being healed. Doing this speeds up the healing process.

Ideally, these are the best and the most common ways of spiritually healing the body. In these healings, a lot of patience and faith is demanded. And after the healing, not only the affected area is healed but also other areas in life. These other areas include achieving virtues like calmness, awareness and quietness.

Spiritual Ways to Heal the Body

angel-1099908_640Mind, body, and spirit. We hear the phrase all the time, but do we really understand the connection? This holistic approach to living has since taken off in Western culture and there are a lot of different approaches that people have taken as they try and make these connections. But what are the connections? The basic presumption is that what happens in the mind and the spirit, also affects the body. There have been scientific links from things as small as every day stressors to things as large as traumatic events, having a profound impact on the body.

These impacts manifest themselves externally as back and neck problems, and internally with things such as blood pressure and heart disease. However, while medications were prescribed and did work to an extent, some found that they were still not getting as well as they would have hoped. These people then turned to alternative methods to help them overcome their physical ailments. Three of the more popular and well known options have been yoga, mindfulness/meditation, and chanting.


Yoga has many different styles and forms. The basis for yoga is that it’s actually a system of movements that can prepare you for sitting in meditation. Yoga focuses on specific body movements and breathing techniques to help ground you and align your mind with your body. Each specialization of yoga can help address a particular need, and with the right practitioner (even if you suffer from some physical ailments that have limited your movement) you can find the right practice that will allow you to become more fluid and enhance your quality of life.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are very popular. Mindfulness is simply the art of staying present in your daily life and can be practiced at any time during any activity. Meditation is the act of sitting and being still, or movement meditation which is engaging in one activity and just focusing on the movements and breath and feeling (much like mindfulness). Many may have thought to shy away from it because of the familiar connotation of needing to do it for hours and have to leave to a remote location. This could not be further from the truth. Meditation can be done anywhere for as little as 1 minute and as long as hours.


Chanting has also become popular in today’s society as well. Vocalizations connected to intentions, have seemed to be a powerful tool. There are a number of chants that you can do and these can be done anywhere you are comfortable and at anytime of day. Just the repetition of certain phrases can have a calming effect on your spirit that effects your body.

So if you find yourself in a space where you need to heal on a physical level, it may be time that you consider looking on a spiritual level. This is not about religion, but an alignment of mind, body and soul to get you to your highest quality of life.